Monday, October 27, 2008

Caramelled Apples and Halloween Cards

What a fun party it was last night!!!

And the Cards.

Holy-Moly I did so many cards this year...

I went late into many nights writing them...

They really do take over...

But in truth, I love doing them.


Every time a leaf falls, it is an act, to me, most sacred.
For, in that moment (such fleeting moment!), that leaf is acting as the birds that it has long worshipped...the birds that it has housed and hidden from the bleeding sun.
And, it will only get to do it one time, only once.
It only has once learn how to fly.
So please excuse me, if I get a tear in my eye, each time I see a leaf float from it's branch to the ground, for I have just witnessed it's supernal act;
not falling from grace but to grace.

Written by me, in 2006