Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Misty Thanksgiving

A very foggy day after Thanksgiving in Boulder City, Nevada.

The way that I never experienced it before. Thoughts I should have written down. That could have given me entry through the door. I am tired now. Like the place I never saw this way, I never saw it this way. I never saw it this way.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seven Random Things About Me

This list is in participation of a game that my friends are playing about putting random things about themselves on their blogs. Unashamed as I am, I am not accustomed to revealing myself like this on a casual basis.

KAY LISA!!! HERE YOU GO!!! honest and explicit should I be with these?

1. I have loved the taste of blood since I can remember. I must have an iron deficiency. Some of my friends who know me very well call me a vampire. I paint with my own blood (not a LOT of it!!!), I get in trouble for it (a LOT of it).

2. I absolutely cannot stand kissing scenes in movies. They make me so uncomfortable that sometimes I get tears in my eyes. I look down or away and then some kind person will tell me when it is over and I can resume viewing the film. I feel an IMMENSE sense of guilt if I watch...the thing is, you would never stare at two lovers kissing in real life (please picture yourself, flopping down right next to two lovers going at it, and getting comfortable with some warm popcorn..."No, NOOO! You two go right-on-ahead! Don't mind MEEEEE!! *munch*munch*). Besides...observing such things makes you lose your focus...and I must keep my focus.

3. I live the life of a nun (you really could spell that N-O-N-E), but nothing could be more the antithesis of my true nature, or personality. Were I not a religious person, I would be an absolute heathen (well, not in all areas, I don't like causing people pain, in any way). My self mastery is due to the fear of God. I sometimes secretly envy those who spend their energy in riotous living...they live interesting lives while I stay at home and write stories about my suicidal fish. I sometimes feel that they are not afraid, not afraid to really live. I guess that somewhere in myself, I feel like I am really live.

4. I own about $15,000 worth of makeup.

5. I used to bury toys as a child, and dig them up later; very typical INFJ behavior. I can also see the future (not kidding) and know who is calling on the phone (I really can) and I can sometimes guess people's birthdays down to the exact day. I also love math and physics.

6. I have night terrors so bad that I scare my roommates and my family with my screams. The subjects of my dreams are so nefarious and horrific that I fear going to sleep.

MAN...I should end with a positive one!!!

7. If I could have any super-power, it would be the ability to time travel, or I guess to never retrograde motion...I would be the best historian on the earth that way. And I would perhaps then be able to come up with better solutions for our troubled world. I wish I could time travel so bad that sometimes I actually cry. In truth I have wanted to save the world since I was about six years of age.

I can name every capitol of every country in this world (it has taken me a while to memorize them all). YAY!!!! AND STARGAZER LILIES ARE MY FAVORITE FLOWER!!!

*The seven people I tagged* Naomi, Ilaria, Brandon, Priscilla, Suzy, Margaret and Emily.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008